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I miei Sospir confondere

Una furtiva lagrima
Una furtiva lagrima
Negl’occhi suoi spunto
What Festos Giovani
Invidiare sembrò
Cando some più che io vo
Cando some più che io vo
Mama mama si lo vedo lovedo
A solo istante i palpiti
Del suo bel cor sentir
I miei Sospir confondere
Per poco a’suoi Sospir
Palpiti I feel it papiti
Confondere i miei co’suoi Sospir
Cielo si puo morir
Di più non chiedo non chiedo
Ah! Cielo si puo si puo morir
Di più non chiedo non chiedo
Si puo morir
Si puo morir d’amore


Is this the Lord and Lady are lovers

It is like a beautiful flower
It is in the eyes of two slides

Is this the Lord and Lady are lovers
Is that the Lord wants you
Is this the Lord and Lady are lovers
Is that the Lord wants you

It is like a beautiful bird
And for his guitar playing

Is this the Lord and Lady are lovers
Is that the Lord wants you
God said to kiss the altar and led
But really do not know how it is

Is this the Lord and Lady are lovers
Is that the Lord wants you
God makes and maintains a kiss at the altar
But really do not know how it is

n George was by Father Christmas

A little lacking and, boyu George’u pisalibyśmy with a completely different reason – Santa Claus for the first time had come to Poland to occur Jan. 10 in Warsaw. Canceled the visit several days ahead of time. The organizers did not provide reasons, ensuring that only a small change of date. None of that. In the past Friday ended since December last year the process – George was accused of imprisoning a man known for gejowskim portal społecznościowym (vocalist makes no secret of its orientation). Defended itself that the real criminal is the guy who had used the visit to the artist at home with his laptop wykradzenia private photos and data. The court has, however, believe the other side as the more easily understood, because of the suspected theft of the man George was by Father Christmas, beaten and handcuffed. As a result, a musician spent in jail the next several months.

This is not the first conflict with the law Boya. He was already arrested for possession of cocaine and heroin. One of his musical colleagues died after drugs overdose in his home. In the mid-90s George was known by the defendant in 80 years team leader Spear Of Destiny Kirk Brandon, who protests against the Boy autobiography brought to light information about the affair the two youthful musicians. The current prison sentence seems to be the crown of all the scandals, in which Boy wikłał over the course of his career.

Still well-translucent air

I am not a tourist mountain ardently, but at least three times a year are selected, mainly in the Tatras. Excursions week or ten days on average, with fairly intense walking. In the mountains I use them all year round, in a city where a harsh winter is coming:) tell briefly – the perfect shoes! From the outside skin and inserts nubukowa with cordury, Gore-Tex membrane, with the sole Vibra amortyzującym points system and an arrangement of slots that provide good draining mud and dirt. Claimed to be suitable also for cancers, but not tried:) After five years of such use as described above, the brand is not nothing (except the normal clashes soles). After two years of use (without impregnation) have begun to imbibe water at a slightly longer walking on snow or przebrnięciu by the brook. Since then, every year impregnuję them Nikwaxem (shoe membrane) and not przemakają. Languages are highly przyszyte, so water is not poured on the sides of the shoe. Still well-translucent air. Leg, even at very long march, not on trains. A well-kept foot and ankle, point system for good podeszwie amortises shocks. Shoes are very comfortable and durable. Never failed me. After one trip piętnastogodzinnej only slightly odparzyły my foot, but after the first – with so many hours walking miracles do not exist, and secondly it was in August, so brilliantly and so poradziły with the hot weather. The only little minus was only codline which quickly solved, which is really annoying during the migration. I recommend to replace Jack codline Wolfskina – nierozwiązujące with the name and practice:)

The whole mass celebrytów

Tomasz Lis omieszkał not ask about the relationship with tabloidami Marcinkiewicz. “Maybe made a mistake. I started dancing with the wolves” – former prime minister admitted. In listened calmly as the host of the program przywoływał exalt his former wife of expression and the family. When asked whether their relatives are not treated instrumentally as decoy to help you gain the support of voters, answered that it did not. His former Roman Catholic and strongly conservative views skwitował quickly “changed”.

The whole mass celebrytów used in the construction of his family portrait. And then explained to the volts in your life. Marcinkiewicz is no exception. It should be no discussion of the election of emotional politicians. A tabloidów interference in the force is ohydnym Marcinkiewicz.

A closer look, however, remains unidentified regret. Regret for the official government, which even political opponents praise. With the head of the Parliamentary Committee on the Treasury, which tried to reconcile zwaśnione page. For a game with his tabloidami minor Marcinkiewicz rozmienił your political capital, uzbierany for years of hard work. You may not udźwignął role of the star.

the breast is phenomenally uniesiony

Arabella Sorbet, my favorite color version, ever harder to get and do not wonder, because it is cudeńko winter collection Freyi 2007 Polowałam but with perseverance, buszowałam after auction sites and stores wyprzedażowych, is after all:) My size, nówka with fashion labels for just over 90zł (Arabelle typically cost around 165zł), It was worth the wait. Corsage color has also departed as Tigerlilly – fuksjowy wild roses and oranges, skojarzyły immediately think of summer, sun, fruit – and paradoxically, it is a winter edition. Bodice is fully transparent (but only up to a bowl G, G above the lower part of the undergrowth, a second layer of material), the effect on living biuście – dream … On the skin pink tulle opalizuje, once you see it, not once;) Embroidery decorating the top fabric of the cups is a classic that deftly copy other brands (such as Portia, curvy Kate, Anastacia, Panache, etc.), Orange Ribbon works completed in a few places and orange ramiączek pink decorations. Embroidery They also have great charm, where a little project with a deep neck blouses and – of course not epatując opening only slightly wyzierając;) Ramiączka (adjustable on the whole length) is unfortunately – Freyowe classics, which are widely baardzo: / As for me, the only shortcoming of the brand, which broad chomąta stubbornly wszywa rubber instead of the normal, thin strips.

As for the opinions circulating about Arabelkach that strongly rozciągliwe in circumference and dużomiseczkowe, you do not agree for sure about the first – the circuit is quite close, porównałabym to Zety. Bowl a little larger than standard, but not so as to buy for the size bowl less than usual. I highly praise the Sorbetkę in my normal size.

In addition, the breast is phenomenally uniesiony, rounded, “erect”) The effect of a very natural, but also specific to Freyi, because they are not perfectly round jabłuszka which founds Masquerade. I shape the neck is responsible, because there is no artificial “formation” breasts, but they look like almost no waist, while he actually is, and shapes in the “erect” happily bust:) Polecam Arabella much color in each version is really beautiful, good quality and comfortable underwear. Kusidełko by rating all of last year to Stanikomanii and I completely agree with this verdict:)

Mr butler glorify the Germans

Wednesday was the worst. Václav Klaus, who was then prime minister, has proposed that meets every Wednesday from Havla per hour. Always the same scenario: 20 minutes a very friendly conversation, and then blow, for which all this was zainscenizowane – a plea to what Havel recently did. “Each time was a nonsense. The sense of the group for me to zapędzić angle. A thousand times I could be right, but for anything to be passed, and so I knew that with each new translation of an increasingly doing his jester.”

The hours have become a nightmare for Havla. “Śnił to me after the night – writing – so that I had already failed wtorkowy evening.

Czech newspapers I was joking, so that in the long-awaited book by President Klaus Havla current president is mentioned less frequently than the bat. ( “In składziku, where the vacuum cleaner, lives a bat. Lamp is allowed, but only so that it could not be and is not drażniła” – Havel instructed his office in writing).

“Just briefly, please” is a mosaic of the document. Penetrate three layers: the archives and records for the co-president and for themselves, remarks-written essays on the presidential retirement and to answer questions asked by the legendary Czech journalist Karel Hvižd’alę, (the same who 20 years ago moved from Havla interview – river “default hearing”). “Only a short” covers the next 20 years, and will appear in English shortly before the visit in Krakow Havla 3 September.

Jump to piedestału

That skrytykuje Havel in his memoirs, or dark part of civilization, the Czech economic growth does not go hand in hand with the development of a moral – that could be expected. In contrast, the discovery of just how banal the harassed state president, was a shock for Czech readers.

If you are still writing dopytywanie is, “Who am I” (as the saying Hrabal), to Havel in his book dopytuje about it constantly. Of course, not directly. For the portrait goes on the policy, but despite the will of the protagonist, a writer, but by policy year pozbawianego right to sincerity; trapionego Finally, depression, disbelief and doubt in yourself neurotyka.

“The usually quite long before the day to reconcile with the fact that I live.” “I am ashamed of the morning that exist. During the day, it goes a little self-confidence and most of the evening I have.”

One of the Czech political wrote that the old identity Havla gone, and the new czai only for the horizon. Became an escape for the former president of a temporary identity. Throughout the book the right to vote to call fugitive. “I ran. I ran to America” – the first chapter begins. “Get out. Still more escaping” – begins last.

Honesty in this book is fascinating. I can not not notice how much you can see in Havla hrabalowska ‘willingness to disposal of piedestału “.

Inflation intimate experience

After the death of the president’s wife admits: “The crucial importance for me was when Olga said on his deathbed, that they had not betrayed her. She was thinking of something much deeper than my “relaxed customs”, which knew more than anyone else and that it naturally interfere. ”

The book – adorned with insights like “sending a package of money for shirts Ms Ouškovej” – we are dealing with a kind of reality show from the life of the president. Sam says that his najszczersza book, yet he hid his head for the heroes or the official speeches. If even the philosophical and political thought does not appear here at all right (and could have been expected, bearing in mind “Letters to Olga”), the level of reflection and intimacy for which the author can not disappear ago with the “Letters”. At this moment nor the author shall not exceed the limit of good taste.

I have the impression that Czechs do not appreciate his openness eksprezydenta. And in any case, it did not feel that they do in Poland. The public spectacle, which became the Czech Republic after 1989, led to the what “and there has long been a shamelessly discovered. Tabloidy occurred a decade earlier than us. On the private, sexual and even the president appeared – as mentioned by the person concerned – 15 books. “Just briefly, please” So went last year on the market, where inflation has intimate experience for sale.

Mr butler glorify the Germans

Most Czech newspaper Lidové noviny “grant from the age of the book award for the year. Votes cast in the hundred jury. I am one of them, and before all his memories Havla points awarded. I wrote: “How I envy you go. Distance to himself, which has no political mikrokosmosie counterpart. This is the best book, which was established in the Czech Republic in the XXI century”.